Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Politics and Medicine: Hillary Clinton's Health Risks

This presidential campaign has been alternately amusing and terrifying, courtesy of the antics of Donald Trump.  The prospect of someone who feels the need to boast about the size of his penis during a presidential debate having his small, small hands on the button to launch our nuclear arsenal does not inspire feelings of security.

He is looking increasingly likely to be nominated by the Republican Party.  Many however console themselves by thinking, "Well, now Hillary Clinton will definitely win!", given her increasing likelihood of winning the Democratic nomination.

Unfortunately, Secretary Clinton's health records reveal some cause for concern.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Penile Discharge Deja Vu

Yesterday was groundhog day-

About 2 months ago, I was volunteering at one of USC's free student-run clinics, located in a homeless shelter.  The last patient of the day was a guy with penile discharge and burning. After treating him, we went out for ramen in Little Tokyo afterwards, since there isn't too much else to do in LA at 9pm on a weekday.  We had a great time eating and chatting late into the night.  It would be the last time I'd ever speak normally.