Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The LA Times's crucifixion of Dr. Puliafito is not appropriate, and has left the most important question unanswered

Two weeks ago the LA Times broke a story that Dr. Carmen Puliafito, former Dean of the Keck School of Medicine of USC, had been abusing drugs and keeping company with a group of younger individuals who engaged in drug use and illicit activity.  Much of this activity occurred while he was Dean, and it is a shocking story- a 66 year-old titan of the field of ophthalmology, renowned for inventing a device that revolutionized the field and forging both the 1st and 2nd ranked programs in the country (University of Miami's Bascom-Palmer and previously USC's Doheny before its split)- found partying with a prostitute and her friends while taking methamphetamine and other drugs.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

As an Intern, I Support the ACGME's Increased Duty Hour Limits

Last month, the ACGME formally increased its work-hour limits for resident physicians, a change that was widely covered in the press.

This decision has also been significantly mis-reported.  While it may seem like all residents will now work for longer hours, in reality, only first year interns will be allowed to work longer 24 hour shifts, where the previous maximum was 16- a limit adopted in 2011.  2nd year and up, the restrictions will not change: 24 hour shifts, no more often than every 3rd day, with an 80 hour per week average which were the restrictions adopted in 2003.